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Seeing Double

As we continue to work on the exterior of the inn we decided to bring our model a little closer to the site to do a quick comparison. All in all, we are pleased with the results so far!

All Wrapped Up

We have been missing our scale model of the inn for the last few weeks. We packed it up and sent it down to Florida for the IAAPA Attractions Expo. It is the largest show of its kind (in fact, it’s the largest trade show of any kind I have ever seen) and people from all over the world will be attending.

The model will be on display in booth #856 with the Imagination Corporation. Hailey and I are heading down to man the booth during the show this week. Feel free to pop by and introduce yourself if you happen to be attending!

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The Bailey Wall

While the framers are setting rebar on site and the rest of our crew is busy prepping the Avellana for concrete, I have started building the small side tower for the Copper Crown suite. It is the first bit of theming for the Copper Crown (and it will set the style for everything that follows) so I have been careful to refer to the model so that I get it just right.

Honeymoon Suite
Royal Suite
Princess Suite