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Storage Doors
Storage Doors

We are continuing to design the doors for the Hazelnut Inn. The doors are all 2 1/4” thick vertical grain fir so there is plenty of meat to carve into. Our utility/storage room is accessed by a set of double doors and we are toying with the head of carving the inn’s name across the pair of them. I think they will look really sharp set off with some gold leaf!

Peter SawatzkyDesign
Door Number One

Al, our local finish carpenter over at AJ’s Millwork, is handcrafting the doors for each suite in the Hazelnut Inn. He is nearly finished the last of the doors (and they are beautiful!) so it is time to get serious about designing the carved decoration and steel banding we will be adding to each door. Above is our first run at the North Star suite’s entrance door. It will take a few go-arounds before we settle on a design but rest assured the final product will be worth the wait!

The Octopus Tub

In addition to separate showers, all of our suites include Japanese style soaker tubs. In keeping with its nautical theme, the North Star’s tub will feature a large stone surround with a giant bas-relief octopus. It should be quite spectacular!

Soaker Tub Surround
Peter SawatzkyNorth Star, Design

With the design of the Under Hill’s fireplace well in hand we have begun to think about the North Star suite. We think it's fireplace should complement the eclectic nature of the rest of the building.

North Star Fireplace
Peter SawatzkyNorth Star, Design