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Custom Everything!
Dry Stack

Here is a shot showing our walkway lights tucked into the dry stack brick and plaster wall on the walkway up to the North Star suite. Of course our guests aren’t likely to notice every detail we are putting into the Hazelnut Inn but all these details add up to a ‘sense of place’ that cannot be achieved any other way!

Elephant Wall

The ‘elephant wall’ is starting to get some colour. With each coat of paint, each blend and glaze it will look more and more like some ancient stone edifice. The ‘brick and plaster’ wall in front is getting more colourful every day as well - so much work to be done - so much fun to be had!

North Elevation
North Elevation

The north elevation of the Hazelnut Inn is really starting to come to life now. We still have a lot of welding to do and a lot of sculpted concrete to finish but at this point passers by can really get a feel for how special the inn is going to be. We are having so much fun building this place!

Rough & Tumble

The paint on the base for the Hazelnut Inn’s main sign is really coming together! Soon it will be ready to do the final install of the lettering. I can hardly wait!