Working under cover

The boys were working under cover today (sort of) as they installed the teamwork under the eaves of the North Star tower of the Hazelnut Inn. It was definitely tricky work. It took three guys (all weathered in of course) to do the task. Two held the piece in place while the third quickly fastened it into place. The tricky part was fitting into the lift basket. It is amazing how much better the tower looks with the detailed pieces in place! Tomorrow, the weather is forecast to improve some which will make the last pieces a little easier to install. I can hardly wait to see it all done! Stay tuned…

beams being installed on tower.png
installing beams under tower 2.png
Dan Sawatzky
42nd Annual Wedding Fair

Hailey and Becké had a great time at the Westin Bayshore Hotel last weekend for the 42nd Annual Wedding Fair. They had our model on display and chatted with two or three hundred brides to be (and one groom). Everyone agreed the Hazelnut Inn will be a magical honeymoon spot (and the groom really wants to hold a Dungeons & Dragons tournament in the Under Hill suite).

Wedding Show
Peter SawatzkyMedia
Dragon Scales

The Copper Crown has a roof at last! It is a complicated roof with a variety of pitches and a couple towers to boot and Howie’s Roofing crew has done a wonderful job! Now we had better get busy building the finials to finish it off!

Castle Roof
Tons Of Tower

Large structures always dominate the working space in the Imagination Corporation’s shop, making it hard to walk from one end to the other without carefully picking a winding path between them. That certainly describes the shop these days! The Copper Crown’s castle tower and roof are two large pieces. They are almost ready for the spray insulation which will be done shortly. Then we’ll finish the interiors of both pieces and put the shingles on the roof. That will make them ready to lift into place, hopefully by the end of next month.

castle tower in the shop