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The Hazelnut Inn is an extraordinary boutique hotel. Each of our three suites offers a unique experience. The North Star is a whimsical explorer’s home. The Under Hill is a cozy hillside burrow. The Copper Crown is a charming little castle. Staying with us is sure to make your special occasion even more memorable!

Local lore holds that the North Star was once the home of an eccentric explorer, who gathered artifacts and curiosities from every mythical corner of the world and built her estate around them.

Now Under COnstruction

By all accounts, the Under Hill has been in old Mister Burrows' family for generations untold. Tucked away behind the walls of its own private garden, this little gem is as grand as they come. 

Now Under COnstruction

According to legend, the Copper Crown is the ancestral home of an ancient line of aristocrats. It is said that these peers of the realm were skilled orchardists and renowned dragon riders.

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