The Beginnings Of A Model

There is only one way to work out the myriad of details for the project as complicated as the Hazelnut Inn - a detailed scale model. Today, we started with a massing model built with various geometric shapes which are taken directly from the blueprints. We cut these shapes using our CNC router to ensure accuracy. We then assembled and fine tuned these shapes using hand tools. Over this massing model we will hand sculpt the final form and detail as far as is practical at this scale. We can then use this model to look at the project from every angle in order to see how things work together; ensuring we are able to faithfully tell our story when we build the real thing. Changes on a model are quick, easy, and cost effective - much more so than on a real building! It is going to be very exciting to see the dream we've only sketched to his point, now take on a three dimensional shape.

north star massing model
Dan SawatzkyDesign, Model