Horsing Around

With the overall look of the inn now settled and the plans almost done it is time for us to begin thinking about all the little details throughout the inn and gardens. One of the first things we are planning (and starting prefabrication) is the front 'power tower.' It will act as a landmark and also carry the electrical and digital services onto the grounds. The tower will be themed to match the North Star suite which carries an explorer theme. This structure will be fabricated in our studio and then be erected on site once its foundation is finished. Each section will simply bolt together after being lifted into place with a crane. Our first thoughts for the eight top brackets under the tower's soffits was something related to the sea. Many options are being discussed and the simplest way to pass judgement is often to have a sample we can look at. We whipped up this little sea horse to see if it passes muster. Plenty sturdy, it is fabricated from layered, plasma cut steel that is half inch and quarter inch thick. We have a few more ideas we will be looking at later this week.

sea horse bracket
Dan SawatzkyDesign