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The Suspense Is Killing Us!

Our framer, Rob, is having the time of his life building the forms for the Hazelnut Inn!

Today, our structural engineer dropped by and gave us the 'ok' to finish up the forms. Rob and the guys will finish up the rebar and set the levelling strips this week and next Tuesday the surveyors will come to double check all our measurements.

It won't be long now before we start pouring walls. We can hardly wait!

Fast Work!

Work is progressing quickly on the Hazelnut Inn work site! Today our task was to build the final concrete block wall. It was a tricky one as it is curved but after a week of laying hundreds of blocks, we are getting very fast. The day seemed to fly by and before we knew it we were done!

Fitting It All Together

The remainder of the model is nearing completion and is looking good from every angle!  It is now easy to see how the three suites will fit together seamlessly. The goal is to provide every guest with a private and immersive experience. We are looking forward to finishing the rest of the model!

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The Ant Farm
North Star

What is this.... a hotel for ants!?! 

No! Its a virtual tour of the North Star's garden walkway. You can begin to feel the sense of arrival and of discovery our guests are bound to feel. In my mind, I can already see it in colour, hear the water running and smell the flowers!.We want to transport them to another time and place!