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It's an Inn!

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been asked what we are building at 42402 Yarrow Central. Now, I don’t mind answering the question (and I certainly don’t mind chatting with passers by!) but I have been meaning to put up a sign since the beginning of summer. Something else has always seemed to require my attention though and so installing some kind of sign has languished somewhere at the back of my brain. Yesterday however, all that procrastination came to an end and we finally installed the inn’s main sign. I am really pleased with how it looks and am looking forward to finishing off the base and starting the landscaping around it.

There's Gold In Them There Signs

The Hazelnut Sign is almost finished now. One of the last things to do is to apply the 23 karot gold leaf to the lettering. Gold leaf dates back to at least ancient Egypt and there is a long tradition of gold leafing signs here in North America. The leafed letters really catch the light — as my father says, “nothing shines like gold.”

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

In between the larger projects, the inn’s main sign is progressing nicely. Just a few more coats of paint and some gold leaf and it will be ready to beset in place out by the road! That will hopefully answer the main question we get these days… ‘What is this going to be?’

Sign Craft

Around Christmas last year the Hazelnut Inn was featured in Signcraft magazine. The article focuses on each room's unique signage. Most hotel rooms are identified using numbers ― only the very best rooms receive names.

Of course, every room at the Hazelnut Inn is the best room! (Though everyone seems to have their favourite.) With this in mind, we knew our rooms needed names!

Our first room will be called the North Star. Its sign features an anchor and compass rose.

Our second room will be the Under Hill. It is identified with a heart shaped lock and key.

Our third and final room will be named the Copper Crown and is identified by (what else) a copper crown!

Each sign is handcrafted to match the unique style of the room it identifies. I can't wait to see them installed!