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Change Of Direction.

With each drawing we get to see a clearer view of the plan. Sometimes that view turns out to be not what we were going for. The house has had one of the suites attached to the front of it since the beginning but the detailed elevation with it included revealed there was a better way. The three suites will now be grouped in the centre of the property, leaving the back for the residence alone. The floor plans were adjusted and a new elevation drawing was then created. This was a home run at last. Elegant and yet very distinctive the new design features a grand private entrance to the left. On the right side is the office for guests to check in.

Sometimes you need to walk the wrong path for a short distance in order to realize there is a better way.

The House
Scale Plans

Over the last weeks we have been busy - drawing, measuring and planning. The transition from concept ideas to building plans is now beginning. The preliminary house plans are complete with plenty of room for our growing family. The inn's suites are basically laid out although we will continue to refine things as necessary to make it a truly magical experience for our future guests.

Today we drew the first scale rendering of the front of the house and explorer's suite. As we sketched, details were quickly altered as necessary - what works in the plan view doesn't always function in an elevation. A roof line was altered here and windows were shifted there as we continued to draw.

We'll ponder this first drawing for a day or two to make sure it lives up to our vision. Then we'll make the necessary changes, move on to the next view and continue the process

Each day we get one small step closer to making the dream magically real.

The Early House