One Tough Roof

When my dad, Peter's grampa, who was a carpenter for much of his working life, visits our projects he shakes his head and comments on how we tend to 'overbuild.' Because we often build with steel, our projects need to be engineered. The engineers always make sure they are plenty strong! But I hate failures and the way to avoid them is to 'over engineer.' We tend to overbuild in critical areas. Our structures need to survive being moved around our shop, loading with cranes, transport by land and sea (often many thousands of miles), and finally, installation on site. And all of this happens before our projects are even put into service! Then they have to perform as designed for years under heavy use. Decades of practical experience has taught us how to build to last and the Hazelnut Inn will definitely be build to last!

When it came time to design the ship's roof for the Hazelnut Inn we pulled out the stops. The design is complex with a variable pitch from front to back and along with a protruding ship's mast. The truss assembly was built as per the engineers instructions. The steel roof is made from 1/8" thick 10 gauge steel. It will have channel iron ribs welded on every sixteen inches. Then we'll waterproof it inside and out for good measure. It will get four inches of a closed cell spray foam inside as well for insulation. This roof won't leak. Ever. We guarantee it!

ship roof