The North Star Suite

The Legend...

Temperance Longbottom was a formidable woman!

According to local folklore, she was raised by her father, John Middling. Little is know of her mother, barring a story that she had disappeared into thin air leaving only an old shoe behind. By all accounts a happy child, Temperance showed an exceptional aptitude for both horticulture and cryptozoology. The North Star's garden still provides ample evidence of these twin passions.

Upon reaching her majority, Ms. Longbottom took her mother's maiden name and set off to make her fortune. Tales abound of her explorations and adventures. Eventually she became captain of a privateer ship, the Avellana, travelling the oceans and "collecting" relics from the far corners of the earth. There are even tales of an ill-fated visit to the lost city of Atlantis! Apparently, Temperance claimed that much of her collection was magical in nature — though she claimed not to be able to use any of it herself. Eventually, she retired to the North Star, her family home. No one knows exactly how the stern of the Avellana became lodged in the side of the house — according to one story it literally flew (as if by magic) into the North Star's tower!

Many long years later, our family acquired Temperance's ramshackle house and (after substantial renovations) opened it up as a guest house for travellers and passers-by.

The Truth...

The North Star Suite will be our first room to open for bookings and we can hardly wait!