Big Time Vertical!

The Hazelnut Inn changed dramatically today. It was the day to lift the ship and one of the castle towers into place. We’ve been preparing for this day for a long time. Yesterday, we placed the large pieces into position (ready to lift) in preparation of the crane’s arrival. The ship’s cabin was the first piece craned up and then its roof was gently placed on top. The worksite changed in an instant!

entire ship in place.png

Around back the first castle tower was set upright and lowered onto the wall. The boys quickly anchored the tall feature permanently in place. The building suddenly felt bookended and it was easy to get a feel of how the rooms would look when completed.

castle tower in place.png

The rest of the day with the crane was spent lifting heavy steel posts and setting them on the steel plates which had previously been cast into the concrete. Each was carefully plumbed and then welded in place. Two large circular beams will be welded to the tops of the posts in the next couple of weeks. These beams will support the large tower roof.

Dan Sawatzky