Time To Make Some Signs

Work has begun on the three suite signs and they are already looking fine. We do the work with a variety of tools and materials. Some of the preliminary tasks are done by high tech robots. Our robots are CNC routers and CNC plasma cutters. We design the cutting files on a computer and then send them to the machines. The tables are loaded with materials and let the machines automatically do the work. 

But the signs are far from finished when the robots are finished. We have many components which to be assembled, detailed and then painted by hand. Along the way we do a lot of hand sculpting and carving to create these one of a kind dimensional signs. It takes a lot of skill and practice to get the look we desire.

The sign below is for the Copper Crown. Once the basic sign is routed the real work begins. Jeff is using an air powered die grinder to do the final shaping and to add the texture. When he is finished, we will hand craft the end curls on the scroll with welded steel and sculpting epoxy.

Jeff Shaping Banner

While Jeff is working on the scroll for the sign, Peter is busy making the crown. He cut the many pieces on the CNC plasma cutter and then hand shaped them using rollers, benders and an old fashioned hammer. Once the components are the right shape he welds all of the pieces together.

Peter Welding Crown

In the other room of our shop, Hailey is busy adding texture to the Under Hill sign. Peter has already assembled the pieces and hand shaped the elements and welded up all of the steel components.

Hailey Priming Sign

Once the primer is dry it is time to begin applying the base coats of paint - a minimum of three over every square inch of surface. As she applied the last base coat she also started the blending of the colours. 

Hailey Painting Sign

The North Star sign is also well under way as well but we'll save those pictures for the another time. Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyConstruction, Signage