The Bucks Stop Here

The windows of the Hazelnut Inn's suites are not square but irregular, with some rounded edges. These shapes sometimes give carpenters pause, but for us they are simply fun.

We carefully designed the shapes of the windows in our routing software. These computer files were passed on to the window manufacturer to ensure they accurately build the windows.

To create the non-traditional spaces in the concrete walls for the doors and windows we needed to build some special forms called "bucks." These will be placed in-between the concrete forms and are locked into the concrete as it is poured. We will fasten in the windows to the bucks once the concrete is dry and the rest of the forms are stripped off.

We used those same computer files to route the plywood 'shapes' around which we built the bucks. The curved sections were fabricated by laminating six layers of half-inch treated plywood. Once the walls are poured we will remove the plywood 'shapes' and the windows will take their place.

window bucks
Dan SawatzkyConstruction