Telling A Story

Each element and every feature found at the Hazelnut Inn will faithfully tell one of our suite's stories. However, rather than words, visual details will hint at these tales.

According to legend, the North Star's intrepid explorer has gathered architectural artifacts from around the world and built her estate around them. Lamentably, her journeys have left little time for mundane tasks such as maintaining the grounds. Thus, the garden is in some disrepair. Our guests will be able to explore the garden and discover many of these half forgotten relics.

For instance, a large obelisk is on display in the explorer's garden. The obelisk was acquired in a mythical land somewhere in the mid-east and shipped, piece by piece, back to the North Star. However, when this tall stone relic was reassembled, the pieces didn't quite line up. And unfortunately, not enough effort was put into the foundation. The necessary repairs were makeshift: a large steel bracket was anchored into the precious stone artifact. Still leaning badly, the obelisk eventually succumbed to gravity and tumbled over. It still lays there to this day. The steel bracket is twisted and broken, its anchors pulled roughly from the upper stone. All that remains are the rust marks from the iron brackets. 

All these details are purposefully crafted into the feature. The steel is artfully bent and welded in place. The concrete is hand carved to look like stone. The paint is skillfully applied to mimic rust and weathering. Each piece of the obelisk will be carefully placed  as it tumbled haphazardly into the garden. The top two portions of the obelisk will act as a bench on which our guests can sit and take it all in.