The Inside Of A Tree

Much of the work we are doing on the Hazelnut inn will never be seen by our guests. The features simply need to look like they grew there. The Under Hill suite will have a giant tree 'growing' on its green roof. A skylight will be tucked between the twisted roots. This feature has a lot of hidden engineering and work inside. The roof of the suite will be cast from thick concrete with an opening and short pony walls around it. The tree will sit over this opening. We first welded up a heavy plate steel structural flashing. The tree structure was then securely welded to this flashing. Quarter inch pencil rod is hand formed and welded into a grid in the shape of the tree. Rocks and twisted roots are all hand formed and welded into place as well. After this flashing gets a couple of coats of paint to prevent rusting the crew will carefully tie galvanized lath over this framework. Then we will trowel on our special mix of fibreglass reinforced concrete and sculpt the tree details in painstaking detail. When the building concrete has been poured in coming months we will have a giant crane lift the tree into place. Greenery will be planted all around it. It will instantly look like it has been growing there forever.

Tree Base