Peter has had this powerful hankering to build a giant head for the longest time. He's even designed one into various theme park projects from time to time. But each time the head has been cut and Peter has been thwarted. But Peter doesn't give up easily.

As the plans for our inn were drawn a giant head got worked into the story and *finally approved by all. Construction on Peter's giant head sculpture began at long last. First came the welded steel armature, covered in expanded steel lath. Peter was so happy he climbed up on top and did an exuberant dance of joy! 

sculpted head

With the lath work complete it was time for the actual sculpting. A thick layer of concrete was troweled on and when it had partially set the crew at the Imagination Corporation carved in the detail to make it look like a giant sone sculpture - just like Peter's long held vision. After the concrete had cured we began the painting process. The base colours are now painted and soon the final glazing and aging will begin. 

Dan SawatzkyConstruction