The Dream

All dreams have a beginning. The Hazelnut Inn actually began many years ago. Dan and Janis Sawatzky came to the tiny village of Yarrow in 2003. They purchased a small acreage and built a dream shop for their business, the Imagination Corporation. The site was spectacular, in the centre of town and yet surrounded by farmland on three sides. To the south were open fields and the spectacular view of Vedder Mountain towering 3000 feet above. On the east side was a fifteen acre hazelnut orchard which was owned by a man who grew up in the Sawatzky's old farmhouse. He had farmed the land for more than forty years. Unfortunately, a few years ago the hazelnut trees were killed off by a terrible blight and a short time later the owner passed away. The land was cleared and sold, then subdivided into five large parcels. Peter and Hailey Sawatzky purchased the lot adjacent to the senior Sawatzky's land. Here they would build their own dream project. It would be an inn like no other along with a new home to raise their growing family.

Hazelnut Trees