Three (Or Four) Ways To Write A Blog

We have been sharing our journey as we dream, plan, and build the Hazelnut Inn almost from the very beginning. It is an interesting project (if I do say so myself) and I have really enjoyed writing about it thus far!

As it turns out, I am not the only one who has been keeping the internet informed about the nuts and bolts and hard work (!) of building our little hotel. Our general and our framer have also been diligently documenting the inn’s progress on Instagram and recently our framer, Rob Span, wrote a few longer posts about the preparation and pouring of the inn’s footings.

Of course my father, Dan Sawatzky, has been keeping his legion of readers informed for a very long time. You can read his perspective (half design genius and half proud father) on the design and construction of the inn on the Imagination Corporation’s Journal.

view from the road

And (because this post’s title is a little bit of click bait) here is my two cents (if we still had pennies) on writing a blog:

  1. Have something to write about

    Possibly you should write about something other people might find interesting but definitely make sure it is interesting to you.

  2. Write about it

    It doesn’t really matter what you start with, nobody except your mother is going to read your first post.

  3. Keep writing about it

    This is the hard part but keep at it (sadly, nobody is going to read your second post either).

  4. You guessed it - keep writing

    It’s just not a blog if you don’t you write regularly.

Good Luck!

Peter SawatzkyMedia