The Copper Crown Suite

The Fairytale...

Some folks say that the Copper Crown is the ancestral home of the 'Crown' family, an ancient line of aristocrats. Apparently, no less than 11 princesses lived here at one time or another. Other folks claim that it was the 'Copper' family that built this little castle after making their fortune farming hazelnuts or tarragon or some such.

Both versions of the story, however agree that whether they were princesses or paupers, the family was famous for having the curious hobby of dragon hunting. Whether they ever caught a dragon is, of course,  up for debate. However, at least one local claims that their great-great-aunt-whats-her-face once spotted a person riding across the sky on the back of a "giant lizard."

Regardless, the Copper Crown takes its name from the motto found on the coat of arms which reads "coronati apud aercus" or "crowned with copper." Our family acquired this magnificent manor some time ago and we have been diligently restoring its former glory for our guests to enjoy.

The Truth...

The Copper Crown Suite will be our final room to open and we are really looking forward to seeing it completed!