With the design of the Under Hill’s fireplace well in hand we have begun to think about the North Star suite. We think it's fireplace should complement the eclectic nature of the rest of the building.

North Star Fireplace
Peter SawatzkyNorth Star, Design
Inside the Under Hill

While the layout of the suites has been (literally) set in stone for quite some time and the overall feel of each suite is clear in our minds we have deliberately held off delving into the interior details. However, as the exterior of the inn is rapidly taking shape it is time to start nailing the interior design down in preparation for moving inside! With that in mind here is our first go at the interior of the Under Hill.

Under Hill Interior
Peter SawatzkyUnder Hill, Design
Myrtle Beach

This week Becké and Hailey Headed down to South Carolina for a hotel convention. It was a long journey but - since we are all rather new to the hotel business - it was a great research trip. They are on their way home now with their suitcases stuffed full of brochures!

Hotel Show
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